SEO That Still Works in 2014

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Marketers ruin everything.  At least in the eyes of Google.  No matter what Google says or does, they still need some metrics to rank content for the benefit of searchers.

Much traditional SEO – whitehat and blackhat – is increasingly useless for ranking high in the Google SERPs.  And much of that is Google screwing over Internet marketing. But such is life.

For organic SEO purposes, concentrate on:

  • natural anchor text
  • links from quality, diverse, authority sites
  • frequent updates (at least weekly) to your sites and blogs
  • creating YouTube videos, channels, and links

Anchor Text Distribution:

  • want to mix links using your site title, keywords, brand, and URL
  • mix url –,,,
  • if your site has an EMD (“exact match domain”) name, use it several times in context
  • make sure any anchor text is relevant to your site (for example, don’t link the keyword sex to your dog training site)
  • don’t overuse keywords (“keyword stuffing”)
  • occasionally use a long tail keyword phrase to grab some low hanging fruit
  • if you have a backlink from a major site, link with your primary keyword

Links from Quality Sites:

  • links from authority sites are preferred over social media (especially YouTube, Yahoo! Answers, etc.)
  • stay away from old time low quality sites like link exchanges
  • article directories and social bookmarking can still help with ranking long tail keyword phrases
  • social signals don’t hurt (“likes”, “followers”) but are not a ranking signal

On-Page SEO:

  • primary keyword included in the title
  • may want long tail keyword phrases in subtitles
  • target a variety of keywords on each page in context
  • don’t over optimize


  • the more frequent the better, but at least weekly
  • grow your backlinks slowly and naturally

For a tight video and details on SEO for 2014, see Jonathan Legers’ video.

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